BBox annotation of people in medical face mask
330 images + XML files with box coordinates
BBox, Bounding Box, Cuboid markup
The BBox (Bounding Box) was marked up for 330 photos. The archive contains images and documents in XML format with the exact coordinates of the boxes.
The use of the dataset for commercial purposes is allowed only with the consent of the copyright holder ( )
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Such a dataset can be used to train models for computer vision tasks. In conditions of exacerbation of the coronavirus situation, such a model will help to monitor the degree of compliance with the mask regime in crowded places and provide more accurate statistical information.

Color map and values:

1. mask_on - the mask is on (green)
2. mask_off - the mask is removed/lowered (yellow)
3. no_mask - there is no mask (red)
4. mask_unknown - unclear values (blue)
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