The ultimate goal of any data annotation project is to deploy models and create neural networks. To do this correctly and efficiently, you must have a team of specialists led by an experienced Data Scientist. But even if there are none, you can create your own AI. Just order the launch of repositories from LabelMe.

Launching repositories

We will launch any repository from the list for only $999. And if you ordered data collection or data labeling from us, the cost of deploying the model will be only $499.
The tasks of launching repositories are supervised by our CEO — George Kasparyants (Head of AI in Gradient). We’ll prepare the model for export in one of the most popular frameworks: PyTorch or TensorFlow. You will be able to implement a ready-made neural network into your business processes in just a couple of clicks.

An experienced Data Scientist will launch your repository

We’ll set up data annotation templates for any task type

Computer Vision
Image Classification
Image Generation
Object Detection
Pose Estimation
Natural Language Processing
Named Entity Recognition
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Sentiment Analysis
Text Classification
Generative adversarial network (GAN)
Generate Realistic Photographs
Speaker Verification
Speech Enhancement
Speech Recognition
Speech Separation 4
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Why is it better to order the model deployment rather than do it yourself?

LabelMe provides a full range of services for the creation of neural networks. We will help you collect data, annotate it and run the repository. This way, you will not have to look for several contractors, and we will be able to provide special conditions.

Turnkey artificial intelligence

Deployment takes place on our computing servers. You don't have to buy or rent equipment. We make AI accessible to everyone.

Our own computing power

Our goal is to save the client from "pain." Therefore, we carefully study the wishes and tasks to adjust the model even at the training stage.

Working to get the result

We have launched the deployment of models for dozens of companies. Most of them went through a full development cycle with us. Thanks to this, we control the quality at every stage. 40% of customers have contacted us again.

More than 50 closed projects

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