Handwriting transcription is the process of extracting text from an image and then exporting it digitally. Depending on the subspecies, it may contain additional metadata.

Handwriting Transcription (Text-to-Text)

Транскрипция текстов для задач машинного обучения

What goals can you achieve by handwriting transcription

Transcription of manuscripts is used to solve a variety of tasks. Automatic recognition and conversion of the handwritten text, improvement of input methods, digitization of document flow. There is also handwritten text annotation for optical character recognition (OCR) tasks. We will process handwritten text of any complexity. Our specialists even understand the doctors' handwriting.

Handwriting Transcription types we work with

By different languages
When transcribing records in a foreign language, the markup worker must understand the language at the level of the native speaker and possess grammatical, lexical, and spelling standards. Otherwise, there may be issues when converting texts into digital form.
At the moment, LabelMe provides transcription services for texts in English, Russian, French, and German.
Structured texts
For example, questionnaires, documents, handwritten tables, and other documents in which you need to keep order. If necessary, we will both transfer the handwritten text and recreate the main view of the source. We can also hide areas that include people's personal data to anonymize the data.
Unstructured texts
Shorthand, essays, lectures written by hand — we can process everything, keeping the punctuation rules. And if necessary, we will process the individual cuts of phrases, specifying each character. It is necessary to improve the algorithms of optical character recognition (OCR).

Application examples

The LabelMe team is working on data labeling for a wide variety of businesses:
Computational linguistics
The use of neural networks simplifies the processing of handwritten sources. For example, entering records or texts into the database presented only on paper.

You don't have to hire people constantly to rewrite it manually. LabelMe will help you assemble and prepare a dataset for training.
Banks, accounting, and law
In many areas related to finance and documentation, the handwritten application format still prevails. Therefore, the introduction of transcription algorithms will optimize internal workflows for extracting and filling in the necessary documents and data.
We will carefully study and, if necessary, supplement your technical specifications so that the final dataset matches your tasks.
Automation systems
Thousands of companies and non-profit organizations still use handwritten questionnaires, surveys, abstracts, and reports in their work. LabelMe will help you embark on the path of digitalization and prepare a training dataset for handwriting recognition.
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Why should you order data labeling from LabelMe

We have an additional validation stage for any annotation task. You won't have to look for mistakes — there won't be any

Annotation verification is already included in the price

They will keep you up to date with the execution of the order and answer all your questions

Personal manager

This way, you can evaluate the quality, and we can make measurements on the complexity, duration, and cost of the order

Free test dataset

We work both with our tools and with partner labeling platforms. We train our specialists before letting them to work

Any annotation tools

We can scale the number of performers so that you get even a large dataset on time

Performance adaptation

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